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what causes people to be wasteful?

kids grow up being messy
those kids turn into messy teens
those teens become messy adults.  

schools and parents do not do enough to promote conservatism.  kids aren't taught from day one what their wastefulness can cause to the world.  kids are taught that leaving hallway lights on is ok for their safety so they aren't scared of the dark when they should be taught that the dark is nothing be afraid of and that leaving on those lights can effect the power which eventually causes bad effects to the earth and the atmosphere.  i remember the first time i heard of water conservation in 4th grade, i became frightened of causing water drought and everyday for a while after would only take showers but would turn the water on and off in an effort to not waste it.  imagine the effect we COULD have made on the planet if we were taught very early how harmful our wastefulness really is. 

General college courses detract from major

Are there any colleeges/univerisities that do not require general education for their students?

What studies (if any) show a correlation between grades in classes and intented majors?

Are there any educational studies that show students excelling more in their major without taking general education courses?

Why do we have general education classes? What are the benefits?

Would students succeed in the real work and careers without general education?

Would students succeed more in their desired field without taking general education courses? 
 Marriage rates are higher in the south sometimes due to mishapps or uncertainty of the future. Also in the south there might be less opportunityies rather than in the north where there are more possibilities. As well as the divorce rate in the south is higher.

april 10

Do kids grow/mature as well in households with both parents working compared to those raised in household where mother stays home?

Should professional women also be mothers, do they have time?

Who raises professional women's kids? Dad, childcare

Can professional women find a balance between work and home?

What is the divorce rate of professional women?

Causes for Childhood Obesity

-apathy, kids don't care if what they eat is bad for them
-lack of healthy eating options available places
-laziness, instead of exercising children are becoming couch potatoes and all they do is eat
-technology, ei.television, cars, cell phones, computers, provide alternative to exercise
-getting made fun of, have no friends so eat their as solution for boredom
-being depressed, eat for temporary solution of happiness
-fast food, addicting unhealthy food trashing the arteries and overall bodies of children
-hereditary genes, family history displays obesity is more prone to certain people
-neglection from parents, find solution in eating
-no regulation or food restrictions from guardians, kids cannot decipher when they are full so they keep eating and eating

3 causes of obesity

Family-influences eating habits
Fast Food-Value meals/supersize
Hereditary-runs in the family

Sean, Taylor, and Blazia
1. What has caused the trend of white privilage?

2.  are there concrete details to examine or is it more inductive?

3. When examining white privilage, what factors need to be examine about on each side of the spectrum?
New Questions...

1.) What causes the trend of white privelage?

2.) are there concrete details to examine or is it more inductive?

3.) When examining white privelage, what factors need to be examined about each side of the spectrum?

Topic: smoking

1.  what causes cigarettes to be so addictive?
causes: niquitin
à people feel bad when they go an extended period without smoking à   people feel like they need so smoke

2. What causes the government to allow the legal sale of cigarettes, but not the sale of other equally harmful smokeables such as marijuana.

Causes: ciguratte companies make a lot of money à the government taxes a large percentage of the profits à the government makes money off of smoking

3. how much power do cigarette companies have over smokers and the government?


1)How does pollution effect the atmosphere
2) What types of pollution are there
3) How much effect does a single car have on total pollution