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Causal Argument

African American Males Lack of Opportunity Leads them to be the Number One group in Prison

1. Why do black young men have such a difficult time getting away from negative environments?
2. Are black young men and white young given the same opportunity to succeed?
3. Why are black men still discrimanated against in 2008?


Do interests influence behavior?
One cause could be that certain interests can limit or help behavior, like an interest in music can make a person more appreciative of different musical styles.

Does behavior influence personality?
Certain behaviors, like being courteous to people and responsible, can in turn influence personality because those behaviors can lead to the person developing those feelings into their personality and believing them. So, if a person is courteous and responsible in every day life, it could in turn make them as a whole more courteous and responsible, even when they are not expected to behave that way.

Does personality influence actions?
Personality definitely has a link to actions, I think, because someones morals, values and ethics can be outputted through their actions. For example, if a person believes that abortion is wrong, they might in turn protest at a clinic that allows abortions.

Eating disorders within Dance Community

1) Why do dancers turn to eating disorders?
2) How many dancers will admit to having an eating disorder?
3) What can the instructors do to aid in curbing the habit? 

causal argument

addiction to violent things lead to aggressive behavior

1. why are people drawn to violent  sporting events
2. why are people drawn to violent movies
3. why are people drawn to violent songs

Childhood Obesity

1.What age category does the majority wiegh over a healthy weight?
2.How much does the role of technology play a part in childhood obesity?
3.How being obese effects your outlook on life differently?

1.) television and obesity 

2.) cell phones equal more wrecks and other harmful things (robberies, rape, kidnapping)

3.) birth control and condoms lead to younger ages becoming sexually active and with multiple partners 

 Why has the marriage rate fallen 4% from 2005-2006?

Why does a southern state, OK lead the nation is divorce rate?

Why are people marrying younger in the south?

Research ideas

1. State lottery/funding education
2. NBA draft age limit/high schoolers' financial situations
3. Necessity of general education classes at universities

3 research questions

1. Health risks of obesity
2. New medical procedures to prevent obesity
3. Obese people feel emotionally

Taylor, Sean, and Blazia

causal argument

 some topics may use
1. children being spoiled by parents can lead children to turn to drugs and alcohol as they get bored with other things.
2. influence of media can lead young adults or teens to try alcohol or drugs.
3. kids being spoiled growing up leading them to not know how to live on their own

research questions
1. how does the way a kid is raised affect that person's adult life?
2. does what kids see in the media affect the way they live their lives?
3. can a kid being over spoiled by parents cause them to turn to other things such as alcohol or drugs for fun?