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April 1st, 2008

Ethical Evaluation Thoughts

So I decided that, since I really don't have much desire to write about something I don't want to write about, I'm going to write about how awesome I am, and how I am much like Superman, in the movie....Superman. I'm so incredibly awesome that I blind people as I walk down the street, I make people shudder with fear if I glare at them. Oh yea, and I can fly. Not to mention my incredible power of shooting lasers out of my freaking eyes. And yes, I can blow really well, lots of people make fun of me for that superpower, so don't you go and do the same.

So that's pretty much what I'm writing about. Feel free to comment on how incredibly awesome I am...

Evaluation Essay

I thought i would use the identity of Bud Fox and his greed to become a "player" in the investment banking game in the movie Wall Street. I could either write about his unethical standards in which he bribes people and snoops around to gain success and money or how he gains his ethical standards once again at the end of the movie when he realized what he has been doing was wrong. Movie makers always try to capture there audience in some way or the other in either action scenes or the characters connection to a certain audience group. I am spoiled as is and want to learn and maybe become an investment banker some day so this is why i chose this movie. I kind of see myself in Bud Fox's identity but I can not see my self dropping as low as he did but ratting out his own father to make money and gain a step ahead in the business world. Hopefully the audience will be well informed on what I am writing about, but I do not consider writing one of my strong assets so I will do the best I can. The potential audience might be able to relate to this identity because everyone has done something unethical to gain a step in life but hopefully there not as major and law breaking as Bud did. The audience will be able to see that money really does not matter, but doing what is right and what makes you happy is the main point of the movie.

Ethical Argument

The movie that I am writing my paper over is Crooklyn and I am going to focus on the image of an African American family and the importance of the mother or the woman within the work the title of motherhood is passed from mother to sister after the mother's demise. The author of the movie, obviously is targeting a predominately black audience or one that minorities or people that grew up in underprivileged surroundings would understand. The audience that he is trying to target would be very receptive of the standards and issues addressed within this movie because even if a person hadn't experienced the circumstances that occurred within the move they know someone that has experienced the situations within the movie. It's imperative to know the audience targeted by the author so that I as an observer and analyzer can understand the justification behind the authors strategies.

Apr. 1st, 2008

Blog on what identity you are researching and how you are going to evaluate this particular movie. What are your thoughts on how power works between movie makers and the audience in regards to this assignment? Will the target audience be well-informed regarding the identity you are writing about? How does the potential audience factor into how you are going to evaluate?

I am researching the Christian, specifically Catholic, identity and whether the movie The Di Vinci Code ethically and accurately portrays this religious belief.The target audience may be well informed because of the success of this movie as well as the book it was based on.


What I will be using to write about Identity will be "The L Word", this is a show in case any of you readers have not heard of it.  Basically put it is a show that capture the life and lives of a group of lesbian women in LA during a particular period of time.  The show and the reason why I am using it is to inform my audience of the lesbian lifestyle and determine whether I think the show captivates our lifestyle in a positive or negative way.  Obviously with television shows the topics are overdramaticized and often times far fetched, which in this case some of the episodes are so in real life terms I would say on those particular occassions that the show does not represent well.  But for the most part the show entails real life scenarios and does actually show the "close minded or unknowing judementals" that life is life, no matter what your sexual orientation, everything that happens in one persons life happens in anothers, the exact same way. 

Ethical Evaluation

The movie I have selected is Deliver Us from Eva, and I am going to talk about how this is a misrepresentation of African American women. There is a stigma associated with what a "strong" black women consist of portrayed constantly in Hollywood as strong-willed, over bearing, and even callous. Hollywood makes black women out to be either strong or completely submissive, never somewhere in the middle. This stereotype is completely untrue to what a "strong" black woman truely is.  I am not quite sure who my targeting audience is yet.

identity blog

I will be the evaluating the movie, The Devil Wears Prada and how the identity changes from lower class with no experience to upper class with the right connections. The main character undergoes a makeover in the movie, and it transforms her life. My audience is readers of a popular magazine, and I intend to well inform them of how this movie portrays my identity and how they could possible relate to it.

Identity Blog

I'm going to write my paper on the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. This movie portrays how hard work and perseverance can go a long way. A man who has nothing and becomes homeless earns his way to becoming a stockbroker and making millions. The Pursuit of Happyness can target individuals who have a dream, which attracts a widespread audience. It's also based on a true story so the audience can relate to it more. I am going to show how the main character, Chris Gardner, portrays an ethical identity by earning his way to the top in the business world.

Evaluation Essay

I am going to evaluate how a person's upbringing effects their personal growth. The movie I choose to support this is Across the Universe. My audience will be everyday people. The film journeys through six diverse lead characters all coming from different backgrounds, making interesting differing viewpoints on events and issues.

Ethical Evaluation Thoughts

 I am researching racial representation in popular culture. My paper will focus on the representation of the African American race and their identity in the movie Crash. Throughout my paper, I will show how this representation is not ethical and that the film, Crash, is not an effective social critique. I am using my research from my annotated bibliography on the movie, popular culture, and the African American identity. The movie makers have to consider the audiences that will be viewing their movie, and make appropriate ajustments with the preceived notions of the audience. In the regards of the movie Crash, I believe that the movie makers were intending the audience to have an eye opening experience while watching the movie as it focuses on race relations in America. However, after further looking into the movie and researching the movie and race identities, I believe that the movie is very hypocriticial because it uses strong stereotypes to show the point it is trying to make about race, which is part of the problem they are bringing to light in the movie. I think my paper is relates more to an audience of readers of a popular magazine for this movie. I think my paper will show movie viewers to not take the movie just for what it says on the surface, but look deeper into the representation and the meaning the movie makers are trying to make. However, I also think parts of my paper relate more to readers of a scholarly journal of popular culture because my paper pulls in a lot of aspects of popular culture and representation of race, especially African Americans, in the movie. I'm really not sure how I will factor my audience, I am a little confused on how to do so.
 I am going to be researching the identity of dancers. I will be evaluating the movie Center Stage, for it's overall ethical representation of dancers high stress lives and competitive nature to excell in their dance careers. The power lies with the movie makers in this film, because the audience does not really know about the inside lives of dancers, therefore the movie makers are in power to inform the audience. Since my potential audience will be that of a popular magazine about ballet, the audience should be well informed on the pressures that exist with that lifestyle.

Legally Blonde

On my rough draft i wrote about Freedom Writers, but considering that the identity that i chose to evaluate didnt relate to me, i decided that i probably will evaluate Legally Blonde. I will evaluate the idea that being a blonde female does not mean that you are dumb. I will write towards the average person, from my point of view and how i have been treated or thought of since i am blonde.


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